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There are countless reasons to save money and the importance of saving money cannot be understated. Saving money is one of the best financial habits you can adopt. Savings gives you a safety net in times of financial emergencies, help you pay for large purchases, reduce your debt, lessen your financial stress, leave a financial legacy, and provide you with a greater sense of financial freedom. We analyse your savings needs and plan around these needs with a range of structured short, medium and long-term savings plans built around specific types of savings vehicles. These savings vehicles can also be utilised and incorporated into your business savings and cash flow planning.

Unit Trusts

Unit trusts work through the pooling of the investors' cash contributions into a fund. The fund managers invest the pool on the stock exchanges on behalf of the pool of investors. The unit trust does not distribute shares directly to the investor, but rather, combines them in a portfolio. The dividends, interest and share growth result in the increase of the value of the fund, and thus, the value of the ‘units’ that you own in the fund. Unit trusts are ideal for many of your financial goals, from saving for medium-term needs, to meeting your short-term savings objectives. Money is accessible at any time, with relatively short notice.


Endowments are investment vehicles that are used for medium and long-term savings (for periods of 5 years or longer). It’s often used as a ‘targeted savings mechanism’ – often for specific goals such as children’s future education needs, property down-payments, holiday savings, wealth creation etc. Endowments can also be used to generate lump sums that can be added to bond payments, retirement savings injections and debt reduction/eradication. The greatest advantage of endowments is that all the proceeds of the policy are tax free when paid to you.

Offshore Investments

South Africans have an annual combined allowance of R 1 million for the purposes of international travel and offshore investments. With a SARS tax clearance certificate to move money abroad, the amount can be increased to up to R 10 million. We are able to tailor your offshore portfolio with a combination of cash (bank account), stock, bonds and other investment vehicles. Our analysis considers your needs and goals with offshore investments, and we build you an offshore portfolio in the destinations, currencies and vehicles that best suit your requirements.

Tax free investments

This is the most tax efficient, flexible investment structure available. Maximum allowable annual investment is R 36 000 and total contributions allowed into the investment is R500 000. So if you are contributing the maximum (R 36 000 per annum) it will take just under 14 years to reach your R500 000 allowable contributions limit. All growth in the fund is 0% taxable. This investment allows you to nominate beneficiaries. Although the total value of this investment will form part of your Estate, the nominated beneficiaries will receive the fund value and no they will not have to wait till your Estate is wound up. 

There is no limit to local or offshore exposure, however only certain funds that meet the tax free investment fee structure requirements will be available on the tax free investment platform.

It is well worth having this investment vehicle in your portfolio.  

Retirement Planning

Have you ever wondered what you need to retire (financially) and how you’re going to get there? A minimum post-retirement income of 70% of your final salary (and growing annually above inflation) will give you a comfortable, financially stress-free retirement. We can help you achieve this through a structured retirement investment plan, built around your specefic retirement needs. Early retirement costs so much less when you start saving early; and benefit from compound growth on your investment over a long period. We also help you enjoy tax benefits by structuring your retirement investment contributions to maximise on the generous tax deductions that SARS offers on retirement savings.

Post-retirement income is structured through a life or living annuity. A living annuity allows you to draw between 2,5% - 17,5% on a monthly, quarterly, bi annual or annual basis. A life annuity is a financial product that will pay you a pre-determined amount until death.

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