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Monthly R3000


At 8% growth

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The compound interest calculator is for illustrative purposes only. No specific investment vehicle has been used and no tax calculations have been considered. The purpose of this is to show the benefit of sticking to an investment strategy and the power of compound interest over time. Any change to any one of the assumed factors will have a direct impact on the outcome. All monthly premiums are assumed to increase at 10% per annum for the duration of the investment and an average growth is assumed at 8% per annum


The evolution of our needs, lives and lifestyles has driven us to seek
tailor-made financial solutions for both risk and investment that meet each of our individual and specific requirements. These needs are best met by a financial services provider that can bring together the knowledge, capacity and capability that focuses on tailoring bespoke solutions that meet your specific requirements. DPA Wealth brings you just that.

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