Our Mission

Life is a journey; and the best way to enjoy the journey is to have a plan. Most of us don’t have a plan; some of us don’t even have a clue. We sometimes need guides along the way to help us make the best choices for where we are and where we want to be. When it comes to your financial well-being and your legacy, we at DPA Wealth, see ourselves as being your guide 

It’s not very difficult to define our mission – our mission is very simple. We aim to help you meet your current and future financial needs. We plan and invest today so that you achieve all your financial goals for tomorrow.

The success of our mission is dependent on FOUR things – our clients, our team, our values and our tools.

1. Our Clients: Without you, our mission is futile. The first step is engaging with you, allowing you to get to know us, what we do and how well we do it.

2. Our Team: We have brought together some of the best financial advisors and planners around. With years of industry experience, in depth knowledge and understanding, you can rest assured that your financial well-being is in good hands.

3. Our Values: Our interaction with you along with the advice we offer is based on our core values of integrity and honesty. We rather tell you the hard truths now, so that you can plan properly and prepare effectively for any future contingencies.

4. Our Tools: It’s impossible to predict the future – be it yours, the economy or market volatility. But with the right diagnostic, analysis and actuarial tools, we ensure that we consider every option and cover every contingency for you, your family, your business, your health, your life and your wealth.

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Rivonia Office

Physical Address:
Wexford House, Three Seasons Office Park
7 Spring Street

Tel: 011 028 8900
Fax: 0866 868 539
Email: dave@davepohl.co.za

Postal Address:
P O Box 1225

Knysna Branch

Physical Address:
Shop 2 Frank Menezes Centre
66 Main Street

Tel: 044 382 4040
Fax: 044 382 4421
Email: cwarne@davepohl.co.za