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The only guarantee in life that we have is death. Be that as it may, death is really difficult to talk about. Our greatest fear of death is not death itself, but rather, what’s going to happen to those that depend on us, after we die. We understand this “fear”. With every annual needs analysis, we review and plan with our clients, their life cover computations, taking into consideration all their financial commitments in the event of death.

We calculate your financial commitment through an extensive needs analysis taking into account your assets, liabilities and financial requirements for supporting your dependents (including their present and future financial needs for living expenses,education and medical aid). We also factor in all Estate costs including Executor Fees, Capital Gains Tax and other Estate costs. 

This allows us to calculate your life insurance requirements and insure you accordingly. Clients' risk cover is reviewed annually in order to monitor and maintain the adequacy of the cover amount.


Dread Disease Benefit, Disability Cover & Income Protector Plans

The reality is scary... 1 in 6 South African men and 1 in 7 South African women will get cancer! An average of 195 people die every day due to heart and cardiovascular conditions. Add to that the risk of unforeseen accidents and the possibility of temporary or permanent loss of the ability to earn an income. It’s a scary reality that we have to face.

With Dread Disease and Disability Cover, we plan and make capital provision for the possibility of temporary or permanent loss of income as well as the inability not only, but also to earn an income. In addition to this, we integrate an income protection benefit, consisting of permanent and temporary income protection into your financial portfolio to provide an income to you during temporary or short-term incapacitation.

Lump sum disability cover pays out in the event of you being totally and permanrently unable to perform your duties in your occuption. The financial plan will help us identify the shortfall you have, and this is how we can make sure you are covered for any short fall you may have.


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